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Sustainable Fashion

Eco-Friendly Gym Clothing

At Urban Gym Wear we always do our best to work with the most forward-thinking brands with regards to sustainability. Many brands we work are always looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint, whilst also using the latest recycled materials to using only biodegradable packaging. Several brands we work with produce clothing made with Organic Cotton, Tencel & Recycled Polyester. If you want to know why these materials are important - keep reading...

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown organically in subtropical countries and parts of American from non-GM crops. These crops are free from synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, this, in turn, promotes biodiversity & biogeochemical cycles whilst also being kinder to wildlife. Gavelo uses a lof of Organic Cotton in its range. 2 of our favourites are their Victory Soft Pants & Sports Tees. Nebbia's new Red Label Hoodies are also made with organic cotton & recycled Polyester.

Gavelo Sports Tee & Victory Soft Pant
Nebbia Red Label Hoodie 149

Recycled Polyester

Another material we're seeing more and more in gym leggings and compression clothing is recycled polyester. Nebbia is currently working with a company called Seaqual with the goal of taking vast amounts of plastic waste from the ocean and turning it into stylish women's gym clothing made from this material. It may sound ambitious, but in 1 year Nebbia with Seaqual are looking to clean up an area of plastic waste the equivalent size of Barcelona!

When you buy a pair of Nebbia x Seaqual leggings you can feel good knowing 8 plastic bottles were taken from the ocean and used to produce these leggings. Nebbia has also thought about how they package their items and now use corn starch bioplastic to package their goods.

Nebbia x Seaqual Collection

PET Plastic Bottles

These bottles are made from highly recyclable plastic which can be turned in to a polyester fabric that can be used to make various forms of clothing. According to recent studies, nearly 60% of PET plastic bottles collected from household waste are now recycled, back in 2001 this figure was just 3%. Meaning its now a great material choice for those environmentally conscious who want great looking gym wear! Gavelo uses a lot of this material in its women's clothing range, especially gym leggings & also in their men's compression tights.

Gavelo GLNCHCK Collection
Gavelo Marvellizzard Men's Compression Tights


Tencel is produced from sustainably sourced wood.  The manufacturing process involves extracting cellulose fiber from raw materials in a closed system with a safe and biologically decomposable substance. Tencel is now used by many leading fashion designers & retailers throughout the world due to its versatility, comfort, and kindness to the environment. Better Bodies now use this material in many of their items, a favourite of ours is the Waverly Tee!

Better Bodies Waverly Tee

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