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Belts For Big Squats & Deadlifts

The Best Gym Belts For Squats And Deadlifts

Experienced strength athletes know once you get to a certain point, a slim nylon or neoprene belt doesn't seem to cut it anymore when going for those max effort attempts. Hit new PRs with these heavy-duty belts designed to give you maximum support under heavier loads.

GASP Training Belt

Worn here by our athlete Lock Gannon, this belt provides a good balance of support and freedom. These belts are no joke, are designed to handle a serious amount of punishment. Want to see an insane feat of strength? In the video above our athlete Lock squat 180kg for 42 reps with this belt.

GASP Power Belt

My personal favorite. The GASP Power Belt literally feels like it's imbued with some sort of magical power. This thick 10cm wide weightlifting belt provides a very high level of support and doesn't move much at all when you push your core against it during squats and deadlifts, allowing you to keep your back flat & safe throughout the entire lift. Once it's worn in its really easy to put on and take off thanks to its single prong fastening mechanism.

Schiek Lever Power Belt

The Schiek Lever Belt is constructed with heavy-duty suede leather. This belt is competition legal, super sturdy,  and it is suitable for event use. It features a lever fastening for superior security as well as quick and easy use.

Schiek Competition Power Belts

The name says it all - A competition suitable powerlifting belt. This belt is available with a single or double prong fastening. High level of support, rigid belt perfect for heavy squats and deadlifts.

Schiek Phil Heath Power Belt 6 x MR Olympia

This belt has a similar composition/specs to the 2 Schiek belts above. This particular design though is the go-to weightlifting belt for 6 x MR Olympia Phil Heath.