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Our 6 Women's Must Haves For The Gym

Our 6 Women's Must-Haves For The Gym

1 - Gym Bag

Pictured - Gorilla Wear Santa Rosa Gym Bag

First up is the trusty gym bag. Use it to carry your spare change of clothing & all other accessories on this list!

2 - Wrist Wraps

Pictured - Schiek Line Wrist Wraps 12 Inch

Use them to help provide support to the wrist joint and lock it in position during exercise. These are especially helpful when doing heavy pushing exercises such as barbell & dumbbell presses, you can also use them to take a bit of stress off the wrist during squats too.

3 - Lifting Straps

Pictured - Better Bodies Women's Lifting Straps

Use them to boost your grip during pulling/back exercises. If your grip always goes before your back is properly fatigued during rows, deadlifts or pull-downs these can help you squeeze those extra few reps & hit the target muscles harder.

4 - Water Bottles

Pictured - Gorilla Wear Water Bottle 750ml Pink

Keep hydrated throughout the day & during your workouts with a water bottle. Multiple studies show how dehydration can massively impact performance in a bad way, so stay hydrated &  keep your training intensity up!

5 - Weightlifting Belt

Schiek Training Belt 2004 4/34 Inch Stars N Stripes

Support your abdominal area & lower back during free weight exercises with a weightlifting belt. Weightlifting belts make your workout safer and may help you lift that extra bit more weight or get a few more reps out on those big compound exercises such as the squat and deadlift when bracing against the belt properly.

6 - Protein Shaker

Pictured - Smartshake 800ml Deep Rose

Use it to mix up your pre & post-workout shakes. The Smartshaker in this picture has a detachable compartment in the bottom, perfect for storing your protein shake or pre-workout!