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Nebbia x Seaqual

Nebbia x Seaqual



Did you know 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year? More than 90% of this galls to the bottom of the ocean. Nebbia has teamed up with a company called Seaqual, together with working with fisherman and non-government communities they focus on eliminating large quantities of waste from the ocean.

How They're Doing It

Seaqual uses a special processing technique which turns plastic waste materials taken from the ocean into 100% polyester fiber. This can then be used in numerous ways, in Nebbias case it is used to create environmentally friendly gym wear.

The Result

8 plastic bottles can be turned in to 1 pair of Nebbia x Seaqual leggings. These bottles may otherwise take longer than 500 years to decompose. 8 plastic bottles weigh approximately 200g, this may not sound like much, but with Nebbia's and Seaquals combined efforts they may be able to clean an area the equivalent of Barcelona in half a year!

Nebbia's goal is to help minimize waste, recycle more & treat our planet better.