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9 Non See Through Gym Leggings

What a horrible feeling.

In the midst of what you feel is like the perfect workout. You are squatting with ease. You are lifting heavier than ever before. And you are thinking about how great your legs are going to look over the coming months.


Then you realise.

Your chosen gym leggings for the day are see through while at your are at the greatest squat stretch. Your choice of underwear is visible to the world. The entire gym was viewing a lot more than your perfect routine.

Non see through gym leggings would have saved the day but you wasn't thinking in that much detail. I mean, who does at that time in the morning?

Never again; you think. I'll treat myself to some non see through leggings for my next squat session, you decide.

But where to start? How can you know which gym leggings are non see through? Not by looking at the photos of leggings on either Instagram or an online gym clothing store.


Well, we are here to help!

We're passionate about gym fashion. We know looking and feeling great in the gyms plays a huge role in our we perform during our workouts. We always get asked for some recommendations about the best non see through gym leggings. So we thought it was about time we wrote about them.


The 9 top selling non see through gym leggings for women.

And in no particular order.


1. Anarchy Apparel Victorian Leggings

How good do these leggings look! The design on these non see through women's gym leggings looks how you expect - Victorian. An awesome mixture of leather, brass, cogwheels and leather straps and buckles.


2. Anarchy Apparel Robota Impression Leggings

You will look like a storm-trooper in the gym with these leggings! Not only are these non see through leggings. They look covered in protective metal panels! High-waist which helps to prevent them from slipping down a little too far.


3. Gavelo Plain Series Leggings 

These PLAIN black leggings are made of 73% polyster - which is made out of recycled PET-bottles. Look good, Save the world! The provide the perfect fit and have an extra high waist.


4. Gavelo Glnchck

In true Gavelo style, these leggings are made of 73% polyester made out of recycled PET-bottles. In other words, the plastic bottles we drink from. Blurring the lines between fashion and training - these non see through leggings will keep you looking stylish in the gym.


5. Gavelo Raspberry Swirl

These are soft, stretchy, high-waist and, yes you guessed it, non see through gym leggings. The seams on these Raspberry Soft Swirl leggings emphasize the feminine shape and as Gavelo say; "flatter your butt".


6. Better Bodies Camo High Tights

These non see through leggings are made from a moisture-wicking compression fabric, have a high waist and a flattering fit. And they even have a secret inside pocket stitched in to the waistband. The perfect stash place for your jewellery or keys.


7. Better Bodies Madison Tights

Another classic pair of gym leggings by Better Bodies. These Madison Tights are high waisted, non see through, and have a hidden pocket in the waistband.


8. Gorilla Wear Houston Tights

These tights from Gorilla Wear are the perfect leggings for women who squat. They make your legs look longer, show of your squatter body, and are non see through. Made from a combination of good spandex and polyester, and come in a bright pink colour. These Houston Tights will look feminine and sporty on you.

9. Gorilla Wear Camo Tights

"The best tights in the world" according to Gorilla Wear. Another non see through legging designed for the training women who squat. Feminine and sporty as is always the case with Gorilla Wear.


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