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6 Squat Proof Leggings

6 Squat Proof Leggings

Looking for a new pair of squat proof, non-see-through gym leggings to add to your wardrobe?
You're in luck! This year we've added dozens of new squat proof tights & gym leggings to our already massive collection of well over 100 styles. Below are just a few of our new additions!

ICIW Classic Tights 7/8 Length - 4 Colour Options

Pictured - Hunter Green Outfit

These gym leggings are made with a soft, comfortable and durable non-see-through material. Classic Series has a timeless, discreet design and works perfectly as a base piece when building your outfit.

Gavelo Plain Series - 3 Colour Options

Pictured - Blue Suede Outfit

The Gavelo Plain Leggings are made with a compression fabric with a fashionable profile. They feature an extra high waist & pleated effect on the back of the leg. These tights never lose their colour when stretched, making them squat proof. Gavelo are a brand they really care about the planet, these gym leggings are made out of recycled PET-bottles, making them kinder to the environment when they're manufactured.

Gavelo Pop Scrunch Leggings - 4 Colour Options

Pictured - Pop Red Scrunch Leggings

Leggings with high waist and scrunch to emphasise your glutes! The tights are made of an extra-thick squat proof fabric of the highest quality! We also have the matching Pop Tops available for the ultimate look!

Better Bodies Camo High Tights - 3 Colour Options

Pictured - Camo high tights - Dark Green Camo

These are one of our belling sellers! These tights are made with a high-quality moisture-wicking compression fabric. The high waist ensures a comfortable fit and no-slip during your workouts.

Gorilla Wear Annapolis Work Out Leggings - 3 Colour Options

Pictured - Annapolis Workout Leggings - Pink

Solid colour leggings with an extremely high waist design! The smooth material of polyester and spandex is extra stretchy, creating a tight, ultra-supportive fit that enhances your range of motion as you work out!

Gorilla Wear Savannah Tights - 2 Styles & 2 Colour Options

Pictured - Savannah Biker Tights - Black Camo

The Gorilla Wear Savannah Tights feature a soft, sweat-wicking base layer as well as support to help you feel comfortable in hot and cool conditions. The design features mesh panel cutaways to the leg. We have all styles and the matching tops available to go with these gym leggings!