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6 Men's Must Haves For The Gym

6 Men's Must-Haves For The Gym

Here's a quick list of items we can't go to the gym without.


1 - Gym Bag

Pictured - Better Bodies Gym Duffel Bag

The first on our list is the gym duffel bag. Use it to store your change of gym clothes, workout accessories, as well as pre, post & Intra workout, shakes!

2 - Wrist Wraps

Pictured - GASP World Off Wrist Wraps

These are a chest day essential! Use them to help support your wrists during pushing movements such as the bench press, overhead press, and various machine work. Some people use them to support the wrists during a squat & to help keep the wrist locked in position during deadlifts & barbell curls too.

3 - Lifting Straps

Pictured - Gorilla Wear Hardcore Lifting Straps

Designed to help you get the most out of any pulling movement. If your grip is the limiting factor during deadlifts these are a must for you. You'll be able to pull more weight & possibly for more reps without having to worry about your grip giving out first. Use them in conjunction with any rowing/pulling movement and concentrate more on those back muscles you're targeting.

4 - Water Bottle

Pictured - USN Water Jug 2.2Ltr

This should be an obvious one. There are plenty of studies on dehydration and its negative effect on performance. Most sports nutrition brands now offer 2.2ltr water jugs which allow you to keep hydrated throughout the day & at the gym. They also are pretty handy for intra workout shakes.

Exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses in excess of 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30% (Armstrong et al. 1985; Craig and Cummings 1966; Maughan 1991; Sawka and Pandolf 1990).

5 - Weightlifting Belt

Pictured - Schiek Training Belt 2006 Stars N Stripes

Reinforce your core with a weightlifting belt. Weightlifting belts make squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and most other heavy compound free weight exercises a lot safer & easier on the lower back and abdominal area.

6 - Protein Shaker

Pictured - Gorilla Wear XXL Shaker Black/Red

Always be prepared and leave a shaker in your gym bag with your pre or post-workout shake. We have multiple types available, each designed to fulfill a different need. Compartment shakers can store your pre & post-workout shake powders in the detachable container, we also have XXL shakers designed for shakes up to 1ltr in volume, these shakers are perfect for those larger crash weight gainers with calories per serving of 1000+ or 300g of powder per serving.