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Our Best Selling Womens Gym Leggings Of 2017

Best Selling Women's Gym Leggings of 2017

With so many styles on offer here at Urban Gym Wear, the choice can be a bit overwhelming! Here's a quick rundown of our best-selling Women's Gym Leggings from 2017.

Gavelo Eclipse Leggings

High waisted & non-see through womens gym leggings with a dark & grungy design influence - These tights quickly became a customer favourite upon their release in October. Gavelo produced these tights in 3 standout colours - Tawny Port Red, Winter Grey & Icy Blue.

Better Bodies Camo High Tights

High waisted, non-see through, moisture-wicking womens gym leggings with a hidden inside pocket for smaller items. Better Bodies camo tights have been a top seller for us for as long as we can remember, and we predict they always will be. Available in 3 funky camo variations - Green Camo, White Camo & Dark Camo.

Gavelo Sandstorm Tights

High waisted, non-see through & UPF 50+ sun protection womens gym leggings. Put them on and get ready to be a fighter. Camo leggings have always been on the top of many an athletes shopping list and Gavelo look to have ticked all the right boxes with their unique sand camo leggings.

USN Women's Gym Leggings

Fresh and sporty - these leggings are unrestrictive, offer great comfort and quality. We should also mention that we're selling them for under £10 a pair! This won't last long though as there is limited stock available and they're selling phenomenally quick.

Better Bodies Astoria Curve Tights

Seamless Gym Tights have taken the gym clothing market by storm over the past few years. Industry leaders Better Bodies have released their own take on this item with their Astoria Curve Tights. These full-length seamless leggings feature a mid waist & embossed logo at the waist, they are also superb quality. Available in Greymelange & Graphite Melange.

Bonus - BF Curve Tights

A limited production version of the Astoria Curve Tights. Even though these tights were released towards the end of November they actually turned in to one of our best selling pairs of leggings of 2017. If you would like this item act fast, this was a one run item from Better Bodies, meaning once we run out of stock they will no longer be available!

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