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  • New Better Bodies Men's Washington Range

    We're excited to announce we have just taken delivery of the new Better Bodies Washington items.
  • Chest Supported T-Bar Row (Lat Emphasis) - By Lock Gannon

    4 quick pointers from our athlete Lock to help you maximize your results from this popular back exercise.
  • New To Urban Gym Wear - Olympvs Jeans

    These jeans may just be the perfect jeans for bodybuilders, rugby players, strongmen and other athletes with bigger quads.
  • The Glute Ham Raise - A How To Guide By Amy Ferguson

    The glute ham raise, also referred to as the GHR, is a great exercise that hits the entire posterior chain so your hamstrings, glutes and lower back all get worked during this movement.
  • GASP Wrist Wraps - By Riko

    The ideal scenario for any lifter is harder, more effective training sessions with reduced risk of injury. So increase your lift weight and repetitions whilst reducing hand & wrist pain with the GASP wrist wraps.
  • Staying Motivated Post Competition - By Amy Ferguson

    It's quite common to feel a bit lost with your diet and training after a competition. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and keep on track post-show.
  • The Leg Extension - By Lock

    One of the original and most common pieces of equipment seen in gyms, it's yet another that gets serious abuse and fails to provide its true benefit. Learn the correct technique for this movement with our athlete Lock.
  • GASP October 2017 Promotion

    Gear up and show your training sessions the GASP No Compromises attitude and own one of the most sought-after GASP Hoodies for just £42 this month
  • Staff Favourite Better Bodies Outfits Of 2017

    We've taken delivery of 100s of new items from Better Bodies this year, here's a quick look at the Better Bodies new releases that us here at Urban Gym Wear are wearing.
  • The NEW Better Bodies Trinity Collection has LANDED!

    The new Trinity Collection by Better Bodies has arrived and we couldn't be more excited! We've been taking a look at these brand new items in the office and the quality is amazing. You're going to love them!

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