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The latest in gym fashion

  • Another New Brand Lands At Urban Gym Wear!

    Anarchy Apparel has been creating unique gym clothing like nothing else on the market since their founding in early 2015.
  • GASP Iron Tights Review - Lock Gannon

    Our athlete Lock gives his verdict on GASP's first ever pair of compression leggings.
  • All New Items From GASP For 2018

    The latest releases from GASP Clothing have landed at Urban Gym Wear. New styles and colours, the new Annex range and GASP's first ever pair of compression leggings!
  • Hot New Releases From Better Bodies For 2018

    Wow, what a start to the year for Better Bodies. We've been looking forward to receiving and making these items available for you guys since we first got the word. It's safe to say it's looking like Better Bodies are going to dominate 2018.
  • Our Athlete Lock Tests Out The New Urban Gym Wear Leather Power Belt

    Breaking in the new @urbangymwearofficial training belt. It's incredibly rigid as all good belts are initially (nothing a car wheel doesn't sort?...yes I'm serious).
  • Heel Elevated Body Weight Squat - Lock Gannon

    I had purposely shyed away from any squat demo video for the sheer individuality they often require. But of all the styles, this is the most accessible and eliminates most of the potential restrictions that can accompany other variations
  • Our Best Selling Womens Gym Leggings Of 2017

    With so many styles on offer, the choice can be a bit overwhelming! Here's a quick rundown of our best-selling Women's Gym Leggings from 2017.
  • January 2018 Promotions Live!

    Grab yourself any Better Bodies Basic Gym Belt, Women's Gym Belt & Urban Gym Wear Wrist Wraps for a reduced price all throughout January!
  • Urban Gym Wear Athlete Lock Gannon Squats 180kg for 42 reps!

    Lock Gannon hits a lifetime PB of 42 Reps with 180kg, no reracks, for charity in Raw Gym, Dublin, Ireland.
  • We've Launched Our Own Range Of Gym Accessories!

    We've been hard at work on bringing you our own brand of premium and affordable weightlifting accessories, and we can now finally announce they are here!

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